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PHP client library for Telerivet REST API

This library makes it easy to integrate your web application with Telerivet.
You can use it to:

- send SMS messages via an Android phone or SMS gateway service
- update contact information in Telerivet (e.g. from a signup form on your own website)
- add or remove contacts from groups
- export your message/contact data from Telerivet into your own systems
- schedule messages to be sent at a later time
- control automated services
- much more

All API methods are fully documented at ,
as well as in the comments of the PHP source files. To learn what functionality is available, 
start with telerivet.php, lib/project.php, and lib/apicursor.php .

System Requirements:
PHP 5.3 or higher
PHP json extension (usually enabled in PHP by default)
PHP curl extension (usually enabled in PHP by default)

Copy this directory into your web application,
and require telerivet.php in your PHP code, e.g.:

require_once "path/to/telerivet.php";

Alternatively, if you use Composer for dependency management, 
you can add the following to your composer.json:

"require": {
    "telerivet/telerivet-php-client": "dev-master"

Example Usage:

require_once "path/to/telerivet.php";
$API_KEY = 'YOUR_API_KEY';           // from

$telerivet = new Telerivet_API($API_KEY);

$project = $telerivet->initProjectById($PROJECT_ID);

// Send a SMS message
    'to_number' => '555-0001',
    'content' => 'Hello world!'

// Query contacts  
$name_prefix = 'John';
$cursor = $project->queryContacts(array(
    'name[prefix]' => $name_prefix,
    'sort' => 'name',

echo "{$cursor->count()} contacts matching $name_prefix:\n";

while ($cursor->hasNext())
    $contact = $cursor->next();
    echo "{$contact->name} {$contact->phone_number} {$contact->vars->birthdate}\n";        

// Import a contact
$contact = $project->getOrCreateContact(array(
    'name' => 'John Smith',
    'phone_number' => '555-0001',
    'vars' => array(
        'birthdate' => '1981-03-04',
        'network' => 'Vodacom'

// Add a contact to a group    
$group = $project->getOrCreateGroup('Subscribers');
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